Our First 3 Days of the Big Book Pile-Up

Our First 3 Days of the Big Book Pile-Up

The first three days of  The Big Book Pile-Up   have been so enjoyable.  It’s amazing what a little pre-planning can do for our read aloud time!  Just setting the intention to read aloud more often and with more variety has helped me make it a priority on our day and it feels so good to snuggle in on the couch with my kiddos several times a day!  Even if the rest of our day is super busy, the connection we make in the morning and evening carries us through.

Here are a few of the books we’ve been reading so far….

moon for  walk

Day 1.   I Took the Moon for a Walk  (read a picture book)

We started The Big Book Pile-Up with a favorite of my youngest kids, I Took the Moon for a Walk.  They love the illustrations and the poetic text.  It makes a perfect night-time book and ties in perfectly with our study of the solar system.  I love it when that happens:)

moon book

Day 2.  The Moon Book (read non-fiction)

Day two found us reading The Moon Book.  I have always been a fan of Gail Gibbons.  She has a true gift for bringing non-fiction to life for young learners.  We find ourselves returning again and again to her books.  There is so much information in this picture book that we have decided to re-read a section at a time.

mr popper penguins

Day 3.   Mr. Popper’s Penguins (read a Newberry Award winner)

From the first chapter, we fell in love with this book.  It’s a really fun read-aloud!  It’s funny and moves along at just the right pace.  And the chapters are short, which makes it a perfect book if you can only squeeze in a little bit of reading time.

What is your family reading right now?


One thought on “Our First 3 Days of the Big Book Pile-Up

  1. We are going ambitious and giving Great Expectations by Charles Dickens a try. (Or, I should say I am being ambitious by trying to read it out loud!) We just finished The Categorical Universe of Candace Phee by Barry Jonsberg (which was LOVED by all, even our currently hard to win over 14 year old), and the title character had a fascination with Charles Dickens, so I used it as a springboard to try a classic. After reading a couple of chapters and realizing just how dense the language is I was afraid that I was going to kill their interest– something that I am VERY afraid of doing with my older independent readers– but when I asked them what they thought I was surprised to get a pretty positive response! It goes to show that kids should never be underestimated. I’m pretty sure that this book will get us through the challenge and then some!

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