Our First Week on the Adventurous Alphabet Path

Our First Week on the Adventurous Alphabet Path

All week, I have been looking forward to sharing with you what we have been up to on our alphabet path journey so far. Not because we’ve done a long list of exciting activities, but because of the simplicity of what we have done and the authenticity of the learning that is taking place.
We began the week by sharing the first part of the Adventurous Alphabet Path story together. It was so sweet to watch my boy’s face as he listened intently to the story. Even the “bigger” kids couldn’t help but be drawn into it! This part of the story was written as a creative way to introduce the letters A, B, C. Associating the letters with a story and visual image helps the child to soak them in.

Since I really want the alphabet path to move at its own pace, we only “worked on” letters A and B this week. We will begin next week with C and then probably move on to the next part of the story later in the week.

So what have we done?
•I shared a picture of letters A and B based upon the story. (See below.)
• I drew the picture again while my boy did the same in his “alphabet book.” (This is a large, blank book where he will draw all of the letters of the alphabet as we discover them together.)
• We talked about the phonetic sounds each letter makes and looked for things that begin with that sound.
• We read books that feature things beginning with A and B. (See the book list in the previous post.)
• We baked things like Blueberry Banana Muffins and Apple Crisp.
• When we cut our apples for snack, we looked inside to find the star.
• My boy learned to write the letters by shaping them with salt dough and then writing them: on the chalkboard, on the whiteboard, with crayons on paper, with a magnetic pen on his Stamp and See Screen.
These things were woven into our week. Some happened in the morning when we were all gathered together in our living room. Some happened before bedtime while the “little ones” got a bath. And some happened quite spontaneously at other times of our day. It was beautiful to watch it all unfold!


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